Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Make Your Own Sweater Color Print

A few weeks ago, I special-ordered a canvas print of the eye-catching artwork created by Owen Phillips for an article about the many different sweaters that Mister Rogers wore throughout the modern run of the Neighborhood.

Since then, I've received several inquiries as to how others might order a similar print of their own. After contacting the artist, here's how:

1. Make at least a one-time donation of minimum of $5 to the PBS member station of your choice. This can easily be done online HERE.

2. Send the receipt from your donation to Owen at It should look something like this.

3. Owen will send you a hi-res image.

4. Upload the image to the photo printing site of your choice to create your own print. I used Sam's Club for the canvas I had made.

Easy as that, Neighbors!



Unknown said...

Thank you so very very much!!!

Lorie ~ Luray Lane Vintage said...

Just sent my email to Mr. Phillips! Can't wait!

Gareth Page said...

I have been trying to reach Owen Phillips with these details for several weeks. Does anyone know if this is still available please? Thank you.

Unknown said...

You can now buy the print here: