Saturday, January 20, 2018

A PBS Special and a DVD Box Set

Another 50th anniversary special. Another preview clip!

This time is a sneak peak of the PBS special to be hosted by Michael Keaton -- Fred Rogers: It's You I Like.

In this clip we see several clips from the show but not much in the way of behind-the-scenes footage. Also, interviews with such celebrities as John Lithgow, Judd Apatow, Esperanza Spalding, Nicholas Ma, and Sarah Silverman.


. . .

Speaking of PBS, it looks like a new DVD box set is ready for pre-order! It's not a complete series release like I know many are hoping to see someday, but it's at least 30 classic episodes in one collection for a very reasonable price!

Get in your pre-order now for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: It's a Beautiful Day!

It's unclear, at this point, what episodes are included, but I'll certainly fill you all in as I find out more!


Craig Byrne said...

As I mentioned on the forum, I've seen the special! It's quite good, though I am so disappointed that they didn't end up interviewing Betty Aberlin or Francois Clemmons.

As for that DVD collection -- starting at 1979, I see. :( I actually told someone from the FRC at the press tour that I wish the entire archive would be available for a monthly cost. I'd gladly jump in, and I'm very broke, but it'd be worth it!

s4sutler100 said...

Wow! I want this for my son.